What is Social Enterprise? – New animations from Scottish Enterprise

Posted: 06 June 2024, in News-Sector News

Scottish Enterprise, in partnership with Bold Studio and Social Enterprise Scotland (SES) have created two animations that help explain what a social enterprise is, how to identify one and their importance to the Scottish economy.

The animations are designed to provide useful information to front line business advisors, explaining the values and behaviours of a social enterprise and providing some great examples. They can be accessed here:

For the full and clear picture of what SES understands a social enterprise to be in Scotland, please refer to The Voluntary Code of Practice for Social Enterprise in Scotland

Next Steps

  • If you are a business advisor and you would like to access support for a client that is considering a social enterprise model, please contact membership@socialenterprise.scot
  • If you are a business advisor and are working with an ambitious social enterprise, Scottish Enterprise may be able to provide support.  Please visit the Scottish Enterprise website.