When whispers turn into thunder – heed the call

Posted: 24 August 2022, in News

Do you remember the gentle nudge, the butterflies in your stomach as you daydreamed of running your own business? 

Nearly 83% of the people I have interviewed in my 12-year career, admitted with a shy smile and shiny eyes that they too once dreamt of starting their own business, doing what they love. But alas. Life happened and we had to grow up, become responsible young adults: 

“If you don’t stop daydreaming you will end up with nothing. You need to take your job more seriously,” 

Sound familiar? That was the groundwork, the programming that we received growing up, either from our parents, teachers, or employers – teaching us to follow the rules, to be a good kid, get good grades, study, and get a job that gives your financial security. 

But how things have changed. Just over the past 2 years alone, our entire little world has been turned upside down and inside out and still being shuffled between the washing machine and tumble dryer. We are aching for freedom, to taste happiness, to give ourselves permission to follow our hearts and doing what we are meant to do – aka – passion, purpose and peace, the three ingredients to happiness. 

And we all want happiness. Guess what? You deserve it. 

You just have to say yes to that inner nudges and follow your heart. 

Money will come, it always does. But ideas, opportunities, and time – those are the gemstones that we need to chase. Because, one day, you will sit in your tiny apartment, alone, with all your accolades hanging on the wall, but the section with photos of your stolen moments might be empty… 

So, my question to you is: 

“What excites you?” 

If you could do anything in the world and get paid handsomely for it, what would it be? 

Now my next questions are: 

“Are you doing it? If not, why not? What is holding you back?” 

I will tell you what it is. 


You need to know that you are worthy, worthy of change, worthy of happiness, worthy of having an exciting career or successful business. 

You might not know all the answers right now – the HOW, but as long as you know your WHY, then you should take your first step today, towards building the life you deserve. 

As the Founder of SYMBL CIC (Social Young and Multinational Business Leaders), I have been through this journey a few times and that is why I am so eager to help young people find their purpose, passion, and peace, through developing an entrepreneurial mindset, which will stay with you for life. 

So go out there today and recapture your daydreaming and turn it into a reality.  

Lynn Erasmus, Founder & CEO (Creating Exciting Opportunities) at SYMBL

SYMBL was born out of a need to connect like-minded people who share similar values and ethics – they truly embody and embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. For more information, visit their website or email ceo@symbl.org.uk. You can also follow SYMBL on Facebook and LinkedIn.