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As an independent, membership-led organisation we exist to meet our members needs. Our members are part of a community of over 500 social enterprises and supporters, who can access a wide-ranging package of benefits.

Organisations are eligible to join for free if their turnover is less than 100,000. Membership fees apply to other categories. Take a look at our key membership benefits below and click on ‘Annual Membership Fees’ to start your application.


for social enterprises

  • Join a supportive network of like-minded people
  • Get free advice, information and support
  • Receive The Social Enterprise Weekly bulletin
  • Free publicity and promotion, including The Social Enterprise Spotlight
  • Networking events and making the right connections


for social enterprise supporters

  • Learn about Scotland’s inspiring social enterprises
  • Build relationships with social enterprises
  • Improve and transform your supply chain
  • Drive your CSR strategy and community benefits
  • Build an ethical public profile

Join as a social enterprise

To join as a social enterprise and get the “We’re a social enterprise logo” you need to agree to this criteria:

  • We’re a trading business – selling goods and services – but whose primary objective is to achieve social and/or environmental benefit.
  • All profits are reinvested in the business or in the beneficiary community.
  • Our constitution requires that on dissolution, our assets are reinvested in another organisation with similar aims and objectives.
  • We’re constituted and managed in an accountable and transparent way.
  • We’re distinct from the public sector and are not a subsidiary of a public body.

Join as a social enterprise supporter

Social enterprise allies and supporters are very important to us and to our social enterprise community.

They come in different shapes and sizes: local authorities and other public bodies, private sector businesses, umbrella and trade organisations, charities and many others.

If you’re not a social enterprise yourself but you support social enterprise growth and development then this membership category is for you!

You’ll also get the exclusive “We’re a social enterprise supporter” logo.