Social Enterprise Places Programme Statement

Posted: 31 March 2020, in News

Having launched the Scottish Social Enterprise Places programme in November last year, March the 16th was the deadline for social enterprise areas to make a case for their Place to be recognised as the next hotspot on our Social Enterprise Places map.
We had always made it clear that exact geographies were for the applicant to define but we were really pleased to see that as we reviewed applications received we had city areas, towns, rural villages and island communities in the mix. Across Scotland there were some amazing activity hotspots ready to celebrate and build on their success. The panel were set for a really tough decision.
However, it was also the day when our world as was changed fundamentally. It was clear that focus on dealing with Covid 19 and the issues it brings were now a key priority. While reluctant, we knew that this was not the right time to push ahead with our Places programme and so have put the initiative on hold until we are past the current situation we are all in. Having contacted applicants, funders and sponsors, as I’m sure many of you are also doing right now, we have agreed that right now all SES resources are focused on supporting our members and the social enterprise sector through these tough times. We know social enterprise are continuing to deliver and develop services to help a wide variety of our Places through the current crisis and we know that alongside the challenges we all now face more good stories regarding the impact social enterprise activity has had on our communities will continue to emerge.