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In Business to Change Lives – A Manifesto for Social Enterprise in Scotland

Posted: 14 October 2010

Doc Type(s): About Social Enterprise Scotland

How can Scotland create a prosperous, sustainable economy inspired by our national values of fairness and social justice? How can Scotland enhance and improve the quality of public services? The answer is social enterprise – businesses which are already transforming lives and communities across Scotland through reinvesting their profits for social and environmental purposes.

From the earliest mutuals and co-ops, social enterprises were created in Scotland to address community needs. Today, our 3000+ social enterprises are pioneering new approaches to delivering quality public services, tackling climate change and regenerating communities. They create quality jobs and training for vulnerable people furthest from the labour market, as well as exciting career opportunities for young people and for individuals changing careers.

Social enterprises come in all shapes and sizes: from social firms, credit unions, and housing associations, to community and worker co-ops, development trusts and community interest companies. Social enterprises operate in rural and urban Scotland and across more than 30 commercial sectors.

This is a dynamic and fast growing movement ready to deliver a radical new approach in our business and community life.

We call on all parties to work with us to ensure Scotland becomes a world market leader in social enterprise.