Single enhanced intermediary for social enterprises in Scotland

Posted: 07 March 2022, in News

Social Enterprise Scotland is looking forward to working with grassroots social enterprises to build an enhanced single intermediary body and support social enterprise development in Scotland.

In December 2021, Social Enterprise Scotland applied to The Scottish Government for grant funding to deliver a single body for social enterprises and we’re honoured that our application to serve the sector as the enhanced single intermediary has been successful. For over fifteen years Social Enterprise Scotland has worked in the best interests of the sector to help create a supportive policy environment for social enterprises. SES has promoted social enterprise as the business model of choice, in order to build a more equal society and an inclusive economy.

Chris Martin, Social Enterprise Scotland’s Chief Executive said: “We’re pleased to hear the outcome of the intermediary review; however, we are equally thoughtful of the implications of this decision. We acknowledge we need to work closely with all existing partners to ensure a smooth transition for social enterprises, charities, voluntary and community organisations and entrepreneurs to ensure that the new body will be a home for everyone looking to create social impact and to provide organisations with the best possible tools to deliver even more value in their local communities.”

Social Enterprise Scotland has worked with The Scottish Government, as well as ecosystem partners, to co-produce Scotland’s Social Enterprise Strategy 2016 – 2026 and subsequent action plans. The first Action Plan 2016 – 2019 was a list of 92 actions to support social enterprises to flourish. The second Action Plan 2021 – 2024 was a more refined but still collaborative piece of work and it also committed to ensuring there was an enhanced single intermediary body that would deliver on behalf of the sector.

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