Social Enterprise Places programme for Scotland

Delivered through the support of The Scottish Government and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

The Social Enterprise Places was launched by Social Enterprise Scotland in November 2019. Building in the programme originally developed by SEUK (Social Enterprise UK) we were keen to promote the great work in Scotland and wanted to adapt the initiative to reflect the Scottish landscape. The programme is supported by Scottish Government and the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Social Enterprise Places are areas where social enterprise activity is thriving:  From neighbourhoods, to villages, towns, islands and both urban and rural communities – we’ll be encouraging local areas to recognise themselves as Social Enterprise Places committed to developing and investing in our movement.

Callander was Scotland’s first ever Social Enterprise Place.  Based the SEUK (Social Enterprise UK) programme run down south this initiative sets to place a greater focus on the work of social enterprises in Scotland add to the  28 official Social Enterprise Places in the cohort.

The programme aims to promote, raise awareness, and build markets for social enterprise at a local and national level.  Inbound Tourism is Scotland’s second biggest growth market and we want to create an ethical roadmap of Social Enterprise Places across the length and breadth of Scotland.  These hotspots of social enterprise activity will be awarded with the Social Enterprise Place badge, celebrating their achievements and supporting them to grow.  In Scotland this is also a way to recognise our innovative rural areas – and contribute towards the regeneration of our high streets and communities.

In the first initial 6 month pilot we hope to both announce the next Place as part of our Scottish hot spot map and hear feedback as we develop the programme. It plans to build on the great work happening within our communities and support systems here in Scotland – providing another way of us sharing good practice and celebrating success.

To date we have run a number of information and feedback sessions with the last few events scheduled for February/ early March and a copy of the presentation slides from these events can be found here.

If you plan to apply or wish to know more the following documents are available:

  1. Application form (PDF version)
  2. Guidance notes PDF
  3. FAQs and Feedback

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