Social Enterprise Spotlight – The Mind’s Well

Posted: 28 April 2021, in News

Our newest Social Enterprise Spotlight is Maria Naranjo and The Mind’s Well. The Mind’s Well empowers people through education and peer support to live the lives they deserve to the full. Read and share their Q&A interview below!

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What’s your social and/or environmental mission?
As professionals in the field of mental health & well-being, we offer a safe, nurturing online learning environment and support the community to empower frontline staff to respond effectively and encourage people experiencing mental health problems to take control of their condition and wellbeing.

How do you do it?
Supporting organisations working in the health and social care sector by offering specialist training and self-care information on mental health and wellbeing distributed in four levels from basic to specialist. Providing peer support and education to frontline staff who are experiencing psychological distress and/or mild mental health concerns relating to COVID-19.

What’s your personal motivation for being a social entrepreneur?
Whilst in recovery, Maria came across Social Enterprise as she wanted to build a service that would employ people who were recovering from mental health issues to provide peer support. Maria’s passion is empowering people through peer support, education and self-awareness to take the driving seat in their recovery.

What are your current projects?
The Healing Community Project is a partnership between The Mind´s Well and The Healing Community CIC in response to the crisis that COVID-19 has provoked, especially around mental health and wellbeing. We are launching this project on 16th May International Living in Peace Together Day.

What exciting things do you have coming up?
The Mind´s Well Education provides career options for people who have struggled with mental health problems at some point. We are launching a new learning and development programme starting at introductory level and ending at diploma level. Our qualifications are SQA approved.

Who do you want to work with more?
We would like to work more with the private sector and other social enterprises. Our vision is that we have now the opportunity to create a better societal model to respond to psychological distress in the community, especially in relation to anxiety and trauma.

What’s your biggest challenge?
We know that there is a great demand for the model we are proposing. That is probably the biggest challenge, to keep up with demand without diluting quality. That is why we are very strict in our selection process for people who want to join our educational programmes.

What top tips would you give to other social enterprises?
Hard work, passion and belief are my motivation every day to get up. I think that our sector will grow exponentially. and it will get the recognition it deserves very soon. I would say to other like-minded people and colleagues: “Dreams only come true when you pursue them.”