Tech for Good Spotlight: Red Chair Highland

Posted: 28 June 2024, in Awards

In 2023, we introduced the Tech for Good Award to recognise a social enterprise that uses technology to achieve social impact through the use of new technology to either develop products and services or to enhance service delivery.

The Tech for Good Award was won by Red Chair Highland, a micro social enterprise based in Inverness focused on the growing demand for digital inclusion services and work to close the digital divide in the Highlands.

We spoke to Kirsty Adam to find out why they applied for the 2023 Social Enterprise Awards Scotland, how winning have benefitted them and what’s next for their organisation.

Why did you apply to the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2023? 

We applied to the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2023 to showcase our commitment to
leveraging technology for social impact and advancing digital inclusion within our community.
Winning the Tech for Good award last year was a testament to our innovative approach and
dedication to using technology as a tool for positive change. By participating in the awards,
we aimed to raise awareness about the importance of digital inclusion and highlight the
transformative power of social enterprise in addressing societal challenges. Additionally, we
saw the awards as an opportunity to celebrate the hard work and achievements of our team,
volunteers, and community partners who contribute to our mission of increased digital
inclusion and social impact in our community.

How did the Awards benefit you?

The Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2023 provided invaluable recognition and validation
of our efforts to promote digital inclusion and social impact through technology. Winning the
Tech for Good award not only elevated our profile within the social enterprise sector but also
helped to amplify our message and reach a broader audience. The awards provided a
platform for us to share our story, showcase our achievements, and inspire others to join us
in our mission. Additionally, the networking opportunities and connections made during the
awards ceremony and subsequent events have opened doors to new partnerships,
collaborations, and funding opportunities. Overall, the Awards have bolstered our credibility,
enhanced our visibility, and further motivated us to continue our work towards creating
positive change in our community.

What progress have you made since winning the Tech for Good category?

Since winning the Tech for Good category at the Social Enterprise Awards Scotland 2023,
we’ve expanded our reach, forged new partnerships, secured additional funding, and
continued innovating. The award has boosted our credibility, enabling us to attract more
participants, collaborate with key stakeholders, and access resources to scale our impact.
Overall, the award has been instrumental in advancing our mission of digital inclusion and
social impact, empowering us to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve.

What would you say to someone considering entering the 2024 Social Enterprise Awards Scotland?

I would highly encourage anyone considering entering the 2024 Social Enterprise Awards
Scotland to go for it! The awards offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase your
organisation’s achievements, gain recognition for your impactful work, and connect with
like-minded individuals and organisations in the social enterprise sector. Winning or even
being shortlisted can significantly raise your profile, attract new partners and funders, and
provide valuable validation for your efforts. Plus, the process of preparing your submission
can be a valuable exercise in reflecting on your achievements and identifying areas for
growth. Don’t miss out on this chance to celebrate your impact and inspire others!

What is next for your organisation? What can we look forward to or expect?

Our next steps involve expanding our digital inclusion initiatives, reaching more
communities, and innovating our services to meet evolving needs. We hope to see
continued impact, collaboration, and advancements in fostering digital empowerment and
inclusion in the Highlands

Best of luck to everyone applying in 2024!

To find out more about Red Chair Highland, please visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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